December 30th 2022

Gents, its time! Great work from the BMS team as always.

Download 4.37 HERE!

The big party and first 4.37 mission will happen today.

July 21st 2022
BMS 4.36.1 OUT NOW!
BMS 4.36.1 OUT NOW!

A massive BMS 4.36 U1 update is now available.
Download 4.36.1 HERE!

April 24rd 2022

Gents, its time! Great work from the BMS team as always.

Download 4.36 HERE!

The big party and first 4.36 mission will happen next saturday HERE.

March 07th 2022
Solidarity with Ukraine
Solidarity with Ukraine

At march 7th 2022, 18 pilots from the Falcon BMS community decided to show our respect and solidarity for the Ukraine.

Stay safe out there!
June 26th 2021
New AAR Video
New AAR Video

A lot of the virtual pilots struggle with "Air to Air Refueling" and Formation flying.
This skill is the holy grail of flying/failing and can be task critical or even ruin complete missions.

In this video we talk about:

a) How to intercept a Tanker correctly, either "Rear intercept" or "Head on Intercept“.
b) How to establish and HOLD a solid formation before going to the boom.(Observation Area).
c) How to manage connect to the boom wings level/in the turn and STAY connected.
d) How to establish and HOLD a solid formation after going to the boom.(Reform Area).

All the best!
June 25th 2021
FALCON BMS 4.35 U2 is OUT!
FALCON BMS 4.35 U2 is OUT!

Check it out HERE.

All the best!
June 02nd 2021
New Chat application
New Chat application

A LOT of sweat and tears was necessary to build it, but NOW, you have finally a chat system available on the website.

You can search for a callsign/user who is registred, write messages (in realtime->no need to refresh your browser), send pictures, links, files and upload your own profile picture.

The next upcoming chat feature:
You can build group chats and write with several people at the same time.

All the best!
May 31st 2021
Southern Race 2021
Southern Race 2021

Congratulations to the winning team Kolbe and Hannibal!

They did a great job and succedded the route in 2 hours and 53 minutes.

Northern Race 2021 will start in October 2021.

All the best!
May 25th 2021
SOP updated
SOP updated

The Falcon Events SOP get a massive update!
Check it out HERE.

All the best!
May 12th 2021
Logbook function
Logbook function

The new logbook function is now online for all members.
You can find it HERE(please login).

Now you have the possibilty to log stats about every flight.

All the best!
April 30th 2021
Southern Race 2021
Southern Race 2021

Welcome to Southern Race 2021.
In this event, 12 teams will fly against each other.
Each team consists of 2 pilots.

The goal is to visit all South korean airports.
The visiting order and tactics are choosen by each team.
At each airport the team has to Perform a touch and go.

The team with the quickest fly time from takeoff to finish wins!

More information in the Briefing.

Form your team and take your seat in the ATO.

All the best!
April 20th 2021
FE Flight School, Buchenau LAN Mini, New Teamspeak, BMS Soundtrack
Falcon Events - Flight School

The Falcon School should not start until 2022/2023.
Now, surprisingly, the tide is turning repeatedly and we can announce the good news that we will be working on it this year after all.

We cordially invite you to become part of the IP roster of the “Falcon Events Flight School”. We are looking for enthusiastic and experienced pilots who would like to pass on their knowledge.
The first IP Meeting takes place May 15th 2021, 1800z. Take your seat HERE

In this appointment we would like to discuss with you in order to collect initial ideas and suggestions on how we can best implement what we want to achieve.
A rough plan will be forged from the suggestions collected during this meeting, which is to be refined bit by bit until we have a good concept at the end of the year.

It is particularly important to us that we include you as a potential instructor in the planning process as early as possible!

Also it is important to say at this point that please only pilots join the IP registration who are aware of the time obligation (around once a week). We aim for experienced people, who fit to our group and like to impart knowledge and been able to pass on the knowledge you have learned.

The “FE Flight School” is neither a squadron nor “Falcon Events” itself, but rather an open, international meeting place for ALL virtual pilots. If you as a potential instructor are already part of a squadron, all the better. Everyone can and should fly how and where they want.

Of course, we also have a few requirements for you:
Every prospective IP will go through a “Checkride” to ensure that the professional skills and the ability to impart knowledge are sufficiently available. You will receive details on this as well as sufficient preparation time promptly.

We look forward to you!

Thanks to Pattex for his effort to make this project happen and thanks to Bloodhound for the great patch!

Buchenau LAN "Mini" - April 21st - 25th 2021

From thursday to sunday, the admin team of the famous "Buchenau LAN" event will host a series of campaign flights daily.
Check the ATO. Entry's will come soon.


Our new teamspeak server will get in action tomorrow at April 21st (todays training takes place on the current one).
Please use this LINK to find and save the new adress.


I worked on this soundtrack from April 2020 - April 2021.
This is my gift to the Falcon BMS community and I hope you enjoy what you hear.

This soundtrack contains a lot of musical styles from Pop to Electronic to Metal.
On some songs I tried to keep the flavour of the original Falcon 4.0 score.

All of these songs are free to use for any cool Falcon BMS content you wanna produce in the future.



All the best!
April 7th 2021
Paektu Mountain, New Video
Paektu Mountain - Mission 3

Our good friend Wolfman invites you to his mission series "Paektu Mountain".
The last two missions were awesome. Expect a very good briefing material and a fun mission:
Check HERE



The video from last weeks mission is online. Thanks again to Sharpe and his wingmates!

All the best!
March 17th 2021
Mission - CHAINSAW, Trainings APRIL - JULY '21
Mission - CHAINSAW

At March 19th 1900z the second try for the mission "Chainsaw" provided by Bloodhound takes place.
Some seats are left HERE

MARCH 2021 = "AGAT" month

Flying LOW level without communication in bad weather conditions without datalink?
Do low level tacturns without communication?
Arrive your target in a timeframe +-10s as fragged with high SAM threats in the theater?

Even if this sounds weird in 2021, it was real life standard back in the 90's for the RAF crews in Desert Storm.
We will provide some more trainings in different stages to show you one of the hardest and most fun things you can do in BMS.
Dates for Stage 2 and Stage 3 are already posted (Stage 1 was in February). If you need a fam-ride (Stage 1), write us a mail and post a "Training Request" in the ATO.

APRIL - MAY 2021 = "CAS/FAC(A)" + "Low Level Loft" months


Cause some of you asked we will provide again our very popular CAS training again.
This training was designed with the help of our friend David who is an real life german JTAC.
If you don't have an idea what CAS is watch our webinar HERE

This training is beginners as well as more advanced guys.
Take a flight in package 1 if you're a beginner or package 2 if you're more advanced HERE

For all beginners please read though the newly designed BRIEFING

We start the beginner training 30-45 min ground school.
The advanced guys can begin instant after a short briefing with your FAC(A).

Cause CAS is quiet time consuming plan about 3-4 hours for this ;-)

Also we will maybe provide FAC(A) training for more advanced CAS pilots if we see some potential...


This training is about a technique to deliver guided/unguided munition to a pre-planned target low level.
The technique is quite helpful when working in terrains with masking possibilities under high SAM coverage.

Check the ATO for upcoming events.

JUNE - JULY 2021 = "SEAD" + "BVR | WVR" months


Our SEAD training cource which started in december 2020 (but was interrupted due to the release of 4.35) will come back.
Cause in 4.35 SAM's are now even more serious we have to rework all documention to provide you maximum training results.

This training series includes 4 different stages:
Stage 1. Low threat SAM’s (HARM’s)
Stage 2. Low threat SAM’s (MAVERICK’s)
Stage 3. Low threat SAM’s (CBU’s)
Stage 4. High threat SAM’s (GBU, LGB, Various loadout’s)

BVR | WVR - Air to Air

A lot of vPilots are not in love with this topic because it creates the biggest level of adrenaline and stress from all mission types we can do.

It's not for everybody. For sure. BUT you can learn how to handle a "Typical" BVR engament vs. AI as well as flying against humans in a 1v1 or 2v1WVR enviroment.
If you understand how it works it is really fun. But again: "Practice makes permanent". So no shortcuts here.

We provide training from top notch guys who are specialist in this so keep an eye on the ATO for dates.

All the best!
March 5th 2021
Mission "Nervous Wreck", BMS TvT-YELFOR
Mission "Nervous Wreck"

Tomorrow march 6th at 1900z our mission "Nervous Wreck" starts.
Cause this mission was postponed two times all checked in pilots should check again availibility or logout.
Check HERE


At sunday march 7th 1900z we wanna meet together to participate on the new BMS TvT hosted by BadBoy and Falcon Lounge.

All the best!
February 17th 2021
OPERATION "Kim's Panties II"

Bloodhound from the VJS 161 will host a mission this friday at 1900z.
Check in is HERE


Sometimes things go differently than planned...

Last week I was asked to work on a big project in terms of sounddesign.
Because of that I cannot start Falcon School this year. It's not possible timewise.
So I have so skip for now this which is a pain. But real life comes first.

That beeing said, Falcon Events will proceed. That means I will post missions/trainings as often as I can.
Also you guys can do the same. So far the ATO is not beeing used as I thought it would be. Don't be shy! If you have some mission/training in your pocket or just wanna fly and find others, use it. Do it! Come on :-)

All the best!
February 3rd 2021
NEW VIDEOS, ATO finished, More Trainings

Maybe some of you checked out our Youtube channel recently. A lot of new videos were posted last week. We started with a series how to setup BMS. Check the Playlist

ATO finished

After a lot of changes and bugfixes the ATO tool is finally fully functional.
There is always improvement but for now it works the way it was supposed to be.


Good buddy "Pattex" provides a couple of DCS F-18C trainings in the next days. If you're interested to check them out in the ATO.
Also one seat is left in the AGAT famride training.
If this flight is full I will post the next famride date also as the new date for AGAT stage 2.

All the best!
January 25th 2021
SAM Ladder, IP Meeting, Trainings Jan/Feb'21
SAM LADDER - January 31st 2021 - 1900z

This weeks mission is all about SAM's and how to engage them with all the new possibilities which comes with 4.35.

TRAININGS - January + February 2021

Main focus of the all trainings in jan/feb.2021 will be basics like Tacturns, Formations, Air to air refueling as well as KOTAR work.
Also I will bring back the AGAT format. First training is posted in the ATO.

All the best!
December 30th 2020
Dogfight Bash Cancelation

Due to the lack of participation (right now 9, minimum 16) we have to cancel the Dogfight Bash 2020 event.
Sorry to all who looked forward to it!
Thanks to Serpent,Rico and Bloodhound for the help and support.
Maybe we do this again in 2021...

WELCOME 4.35 Flight

Today at 1900z we introduce you to welcome 4.35:CLICK HERE

YOUTUBE Activity 2021

In 2021 there will be more content on our channel. Flights will be posted as well as some informative content. A guideline is build.
Here is the latest one from a 3 hour flight in Balkans 4.35:

All the best and a good start in 2021 for all of you!
December 20th 2020
FALCON BMS 4.35 out + Website Improvements/Bugfixes
It is here. BMS 4.35 is finally released. Very nice work from the Dev Team again!

On December 27th 2020 1900z I would love to invite you for a "BMS Welcome Party"
where can talk about new features and maybe fly a mission if the server is ready.
Check ATO

Due to this situation I will skip all trainings till next year.

Especially the new HTS/HARM improvements and changed SAM tactics makes the actual SEAD training obsolete.
So keep an eye on for january/february for new ATO entries.



- Changing your profile password not possible
- Editing a flight after posting the mission not possible
- All times only in Zulu (z) in the ATO


"Career" section added
>In the first half of 2021 we wanna introduce our new "Falcon School".
To monitor the current state of each future student also as for all other Falcon Events members, this section was added

>These stats reflect our known status about your skills based on analysing previous flight participation in the ATO
and / or personal assessment from admin.
>If we don't know you personally yet, we may need additional information from you about your
current skill state to update your profile.

ATO - "Minimum Experience" section added
>Mission builders can now decide what the minimum expererience level should be to participate in a mission

"Mission pool" section added
>A overview of all trainings with download links for briefings, mission files, ACMI and video links
>Due to BMS 4.35 this is now work in progress cause all missions and briefings has to be edited

Improvements in January/February 2021:

- Adding a new message system so members can write and recieve messages
as well as attachments
- A Flightlog to monitor flighttime, weapon hits, RTB rates and so on

Great holidays and hope to see you all soon!
December 01st 2020
SEAD Training, Operation Vacuity, Instructor pilots
Our first bunch of SEAD Training takes place this month (Stage 1 + Stage 2).

Stage 1 (December 3rd + 8th 2020, 1900z each)
Briefing SEAD Stage 1

Stage 2 (December 10rd 2020, 1900z)
Briefing SEAD Stage 2


The next mission for "Operation Vacuity" start at December 12th 1900z.
Gameplan and Briefing will be provided soon.

Sign in HERE !


For 2021 we wanna push more forward and need support from you guys.
We need Instructor Pilots for several topics:

- 2-ship/4-ship Basic procedures (Ramp, Taxt, Takeoff, VFR/IFR Landing)
- 2-ship/4-ship Advanced procedures (AAR, Tacturns, Formation flying/Transitions)
- FAC(A)
- AGAT (Advanced Ground Attack Training)
- AGAP (Advanced Ground Attack Profiles>Buddy Lasing, Loft, Popup, etc.)
- BVR Tactics
- WVR Tactics/BFM
- Flight lead training

Please get in touch via email if you wanna provide your knowledge and skills.
November 30th 2020
In 2021 we start with something special!
We invite 32 pilots to participate for the Dogfight Tournament
"Dogfight Bash 2021" at January 2nd, 1800z.

Click HERE for more information.
Sign in HERE!
October 12th 2020
From october 17th 2200z till november 1st 2200z we will host
a new 24/7 coop-campaign based on Balkans 4.34 "Balance of Power".
It is heavily modified to become more challenging.

Major addons are:

- Red side improved A-A threats.
- Red side replaced and added more demanding Air defense.
- Reduced number of HARMS.
- Reduced number of GBU-39.
- Reduced number of JSOWS.
- Reduced number of battalions of RED and BLUE side.
- New build RL airport in Croatia (Pula).
- New training range (similar to Kotar) in Croatia named GASINCI (as per real life).

This campaign has it's own installation (Balkans 4.34 U3 installation will NOT be overwritten or deleted).
The link for the download will be provided soon.
October 7th 2020
Congratulations to the winning team Keule and Korbi!
They performed a very well executed flight. Results are 80/100 points for part 1
and 8700/11100 points for part 2.
Red Flag 2021 will take place in april next year.
September 15th 2020
Check out the debriefing HERE.
Thanks to all pilots who participated.
Mission 3 is posted in the ATO and takes place at October 17th, 1730z
August 27th 2020
"RED FLAG 2020 - Promotion Video"
Check out our new promotion video for this years Red Flag event
August 26th 2020
Mission 2 of Operation Vacuity is now planned and fragged for September 13rd, 1730z.
Take your seat HERE and check out the briefing.
July 27th 2020
Our first bigger mission is in the books. Check out the debriefing HERE.
Thanks to all pilots who participated.
Mission 2 is posted in the ATO and takes place at September 13th, 1730z
July 18th 2020
SOP - Update
Today we release our new SOP (Standard Operational Procedures) which is now complete.
Please study and adapt the procedures as good as possible for upcoming events in the ATO.

HERE you find the website version. Also available as PDF.
July 9th 2020
Today we release a new mission format.
20 teams can sign up now to fly against each other.
Sign in till September 25th and team up in the ATO.
July 5th 2020
Falcon Online registration is open for their next "Battle of Lapland" TvT.
For deconfliction, we will shorten our ongoing TvT event till July 10th, 2100z.
Our next TvT event will start in August/September.
June 25th 2020
Operation Vacuity
Today we releases the first mission for "Operation Vacuity".
This will be an regular campaign based on serveral missions.
Grab your seat in the ATO (first mission July 24th) and check the briefing material
June 22nd 2020
New Decicated Server online
Today we finally tweaked our new dedicated server.
Till our first TvT event starts at July 3rd, we will run the machine for testing purposes till July 2nd.
Everybody is invited to fly the side they like.
For sure you can use our ATO, Teamspeak, Discord for organizing flights.

Theater: Korea TvT 4.34 U4
Password (not IVC): FE2020TvT1
June 19th 2020
New TvT Events starts July 3rd 2020
Our first TvT event "GREFOR VS.YELFOR" starts in two weeks. Check the ATO and grab your seat
June 6th 2020
New ATO and Website online
Today we released our new ATO system, which is available for our community.
May 9th 2020
New CAS webinar online
We produced a webinar with our good friend David Wuertz (JTAC - German Air Force).
You wanna know how CAS works? Watch it!
May 6th 2020
Falcon Events launched
Today we released our Beta Version of our new website. The new fully functional ATO is in progress.
Take a look around and get in touch on Discord!