We are some people who love virtual flying (espacially in Falcon BMS) and all aspects of it.
Our mission is to give the community another oppurtunity to meet, fly, learn, train skills, and have fun. Together!

We offer an fully functional and flexible ATO (Air Tasking Order) tool to you as well as an Teamspeak and open Discord server to all registered members.
That means, if you wanna fly and search for others, you can post your mission, gameplan and date in our ATO section. This way maybe others find your way to you so everybody can enjoy the BMS experience on a higher level.

Also we organize bigger Admin Events, 24/7 Campaigns/TvT Events and Trainings with our decicated server.
For those kind of events, we refere you to our SOP, which is the foundation when flying together in the Falcon-Events enviroment.

Our team consists of active BMS members with lots of multiplayer experience and passion to train others.

The next step of "Falcon Events" will be our new BMS SCHOOL where YOU can find a oppurtunity to become a better virtual pilot and bring your skills to the next level.

Stay tuned!