FALCON EVENTS FLIGHT SCHOOL - Release in 2021/2022

"Falcon Events Flight School" is the name given to the new training program which will be offered in the end of 2021.
(Date will be announced)

The training is specific to the F-16 (BMS) and F-18C (DCS) and to the way that Falcon Events operates during casual flights, training flights and missions."

The "FE Flight School" provides a number of training flights in order to ensure pilots have a grasp of:

"1. The SOPs used by Falcon Events to enable effective teamwork and for effective and efficient briefings and de-briefings."

2. The Comms Standards and Operational Brevity Codes used by Falcon Events (and most of the online community), what they mean, why and where they are used.

3. The required minimum standard of flying skills and system knowledge to enable pilots to fly effectively together at the same level.

"FE Flight School" is broken down into four programs with different phases each that place an emphasis on building up pilots’ knowledge and capability:

1. UPT (Undergraduate Pilot Training)
2. IQT (Initial Qualification Training)
3. MQT (Mission Qualification Training)
4. FLUG (Flight Lead Upgrade)

The UPT program is for 100% beginners and pilots with no/minimum multiplayer experience.
In three ground school sessions (6 hours totally) you learn everything from setting up BMS or DCS correctly to actually rampstart, avionic basics, taxi, takeoff and basic landing.

When succedded UPT or when already more advanced in the simulator universe, we attempt to provide the deeper core foundations throughout the IQT program of 9 flights totalling about 22 flying hours.

After going through IQT, the MQT program is there for sharpen pilots skills in weapons, basic Air to Air and Air to Ground tactics as well as more overall advanced procedures to succedd (and survive) a real mission.

When succedded MQT, you are CMR (Combat Mission Ready) and ready to participate also in bigger missions here on Falcon Events.

The FLUG Training is for the more experienced virtual pilots who wanna lead elements, 2-ship/4-ship flights or larger package flights.

HERE you find a detailed overview about the topics in each training.

No matter how long each pilot participates on our programs, they are free to join virtual squadrons or fly in the enviroment they like. We are no squadron!

BUT, once a pilot decides to go through one (or more) of our training programs, there are some requirements that we expect from the pilot to succeed each training:

1. A functional Joystick/Throttle/Rudder/HOTAS setup.
2. Full vanilla installation of Falcon BMS with KTO theater (latest update) OR DCS open beta (latest update) with F-18C module as well as Caukasus map.
3. A head tracking system (no must, but it helps to gain the experience and maximise the workflow).
4. Solid Internet connection with minimum 2MB/s upload and 5MB/s download speed, Ping time to a german based server (Location: Falkenstein) greater than 190ms.
5. Accept and adopt our SOP's.
6. Read through ALL the BMS/DCS documentation coming with the installation.
7. Read through our briefing material for each training to prepare yourself as good as possible.
8. Accept a steep learning curve and a lot of work to do to succedd.
9. Accept to repeat a training if not successful.
10. Succedd the training in a timeframe as short as possible to achieve better learning results.
11. Organize/communicate dates to fly with your IP/Training partners and frag those in our ATO yourself."

If you are exited now, then please keep an eye on our newsletter and this website for updated news.