What is Falcon Events?

Please take a look at our "About" page.

How can I register?

Go to the Register page and implement your information. Then you're able to use the "ATO".

Are there any rules here?

We refer you to our SOP, which is the foundation when flying together in the Falcon-Events enviroment.

I lost my Login data. What can I do?

Please report via mail to: support(at)falcon-events.de

How can I participate for a event in the ATO?

Most events are open to the whole Falcon Events community. Register/Login, take your seat, done.
Some events are restricted and need a "Minimum experience" level.
Check how your current state under is Logbook and see if it matches the demand mission level.
For more questions get in touch with us.

How can I use the ATO for my own events?

We've made a useful VIDEO how to use our ATO.

I have an IPhone and I cannot take a seat in the ATO (black shadder)

Please go to your IPhone Safari settings, search for "Experimental settings" and activate all "CSS" options.

I found a bug on the website. How can I report?

Please report via mail to: support(at)falcon-events.de