What is Falcon Events?

Please take a look at our "About" page.

How can I register?

Go to the Register page and implement your information. Then you're able to use the "ATO".

I lost my Login data. What can I do?

Please report via mail to: support(at)falcon-events.de

How can I participate for a event in the ATO?

All events are open to the whole Falcon Events community. Register/Login, take your seat, done. For more questions get in touch with us.

How can I use the ATO?

We've made a useful VIDEO how to use our ATO.

I found a bug in the ATO/Registration/Login pages. How can I report to you?

Please report via mail to: support(at)falcon-events.de

Are there any rules here?

We refer you to our SOP, which is the foundation when flying together in the Falcon-Events enviroment.

Why you have no forum?

To interact with others, our Discord and Teamspeak is a good oppurtunity. Also you can use our comment section in each mission.
We don't see the need for it because we have a lot of BMS related forums